Premium quality from Bavaria

At our Schongau plant in Upper Bavaria, we produce essential standard parts for the automotive, telecommunications and electrical industries: proven contact and connection technology that works reliably - thanks to German workmanship.


  • Our proven LSA systems (solder, screw and stripping-free connection technology) are used in communication networks. Stripping, contacting and cutting of the wire happen in one operation. This product saves assembly time to a considerable extent.
    Our LSA connection principle is based on a cutting, clamping contact in scissor-shaped design. By means of a commercially available application tool, the wire is securely pressed into the cutting and clamping contact. This causes thereby the partial separation of the core insulation and guarantees a gas-tight surface contacting to the copper conductor.
  • We produce various highly functional components of connection technology, including shielding plates, round contacts, stamped grids, spring contacts, flat connectors and also complete assemblies. According to customer requirements, we manufacture the appropriate tool - either for the customer's series production or for use in our plant as your parts supplier.

Are you missing a component that you urgently need for your production or in certain areas of application? Talk to us! We develop and produce virtually any part in excellent quality in a wide variety of materials that you desire - exactly according to your specifications and from quantities of 100,000.