Creative possibilities

It is not only our experience and expertise that define us. It is also our enthusiasm that makes us work creatively. In each of our processes, we look for solutions to every customer requirement - and always strive for the optimum. Since we maintain a high level of vertical integration in our company, we are independent of the usual concepts of large manufacturers. Based on your needs, we develop individual manufacturing concepts and precise assemblies. By combining stamping technology with proven process applications, we create flexible and precise production processes that are also characterized by high cost-effectiveness.

What makes us different

Small series with proven Bihler NC technology

Large series with conventional cam units

In-house planning and construction

Modern toolmaking according to customer requirements

Prompt, efficient and flexible project planning

Quality management through man and machine

Premium technology in machinery

Realization of highly complex components and assemblies

High precision for all processes


Individual manufacturing concepts

Versatile connection technology

On our modern Bruderer automatic punching presses, it is possible to efficiently operate progressive dies up to 1100 millimeters in length without any problems. In doing so, we pursue the standardization of individual tool modules in the progressive die. In addition, we can realize numerous process applications in the process. These include resistance welding, laser welding, thread forming, feeding and assembly of screws and nuts, and the assembly of complete subassemblies.


Realization of precise plastic parts

Strong in plastics technology

We have been successfully manufacturing technical plastic parts and hybrid elements for decades. For hybrid parts, we offer two different approaches: In one, conventional plastic parts are fitted with the respective stamped part. In the other, the stamped parts we produce are overmolded according to the respective customer requirements. In both processes, we always use thermoplastics of the highest quality, both reinforced and unreinforced.


Precise merging

We create the best connections

We successfully work with resistance welding in our production. In this technique, two electrically conductive materials - such as silver or copper - are permanently joined together. Since this type of connection is characterized by high precision, especially for contact and plug-in elements, we use resistance welding as an essential process module in the stamping and bending process.